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  The articles originate from German newspapers/magazines.
Translations of the first two will follow.

Jazz Podium, Oktober 1965  

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Jazz Podium, February 1969


  article issued in 1971 in Berlin
(the marriage has been around April 3, 1971)

Carmell Jones married Blues-singer
Christine Zacher

Saying 'yes' after the jam-session

American alto-saxophonist and vocalist Pony Poindexter, who is now performing at the Jazzgalerie through tomorrow evening, hasn't had much time to relax so far. Thursday evening had become one long, hot jam session with trumpeter Carmell Jones. After only a short nap, both men were up and around once more: Pony with his wife as witnesses to a marriage and Carmell Jones as the groom. Jones was married, at the registry office in Charlottenburg (district of Berlin), to Austrian Christine Zacher, who'd made a name for herself as a Blues singer, but has since found work in a civil capacity. She works at the Carl-Friedrich von Siemens secondary school in Siemensstadt, instructing the children of Berlin in the Arts, English and Spanish.

While Pony Poindexter, also appreciated as a "humorous master-of-ceremonies" by European Jazzclubs, will tour from engagement to engagement through the big cities of our continent - Carmell Jones, trumpeter with the SFB-Orchestra for the past few years, will go on a short honeymoon to Heidelberg with his wife; short, because studio recording work is set to continue a few days after Easter.

  Der Abend, Berlin,
November 26, 1971


Her father's hobby has obviously made Stellisa Jones fall asleep. The popular Jazz trumpeter and SFB musician Carmell Jones, who claims to 'never be pleased with himself' has got something new. After a long, constructive preparation period, he's created a professional music recording studio in a side room at the rear of the Jazzgalerie club in Bundesallee.
An item on Carmell´s production-schedule reads: "young and new music". Nevertheless Stellisa will have to wait for quite some time until her voice will come right. First it´s mama´s turn! Carmell Jones presently intends to do a recording featuring both himself and his wife, Jazz singer Christine Zacher.
    Berliner Morgenpost, Berlin,
Friday November 26, 1971

Stellisa adorns the mixing console

Proudly he looks at what he's created, both alone and with the help of some friends: his own recording studio with a tape machine, mixing console, amplifier ...and...and...and. And everyone wanted to come look. In his shy fashion he basks in the many congratulations of friends present. American musician Carmell Jones has decided to use the Jazzgalerie as a recording studio, temporarily. Together with his wife and three month old daughter Stellisa, he presented his new family business to members of the Press. Carmell, who began his (pre-professional) musical career at age nine, wants to do something for the younger German generation.
"I want to support young musicians, no matter what kind of music they make. It´s of course important that they have the necessary skills", declares the new producer. With the advantage of a very low rent, he is able to stay far below the prices (production costs) of other studios."I´ve already done some test-productions. They sound very well." He presents playbacks of his demos together with his studio technician. They really do sound well. "First", says Carmell, "we want to record live performances of bands, who perform here at Jazzgalerie. If the opportunity arises, we will also produce other artists." Carmell Jones has already had talks with recording-companies about pressing and distributing the records. "But we haven´t signed contracts yet". In any case Carmell Jones offers the chance to young artists to finally make a recording.    Manfred Backhaus

  B.Z. (Berlin), Friday,  November 26, 1971

Carmell Jones' new studio and
Ferdinand Povels first night solo


Daughter Stellisa, almost three months of age, just stared when papa Carmell Jones presented his recording-studio in Jazzgalerie to the press. The popular Jazz-trumpeter from Kansas City, featured soloist of the SFB orchestra for the past few years, doesn´t only want to play his horn in the future, but also wants to do recordings and produce the records.

Carmell Jones built a small recording-booth with his own hands, in a side-room, rear, just off-stage at the Jazzgalerie. The Jazz club, in which the trumpeter often performs, has good accoustic qualities. "I think that there are too few recordings which are of a high musical standard", said Jones. He wants to fill this gap, "I hope that I can do something valuable." Carmell Jones doesn´t want to restrict himself to Jazz - he's interested in anything that´s "young and new."

On the same day, later in the evening, it was 24 year old Dutch tenor-saxophonist Ferdinand Povel´s opening night. The musician, originally from Haarlem, has been a member of the Dusko Goykovich Quintet for the past two and a half years, and has already performed at various festivals and recorded two live albums of his own at Munich´s Jazz club 'Domicil' a few months ago. He is reputed to be a great newcomer. Ferdinand Povel, who's guest performance will continue until Sunday, is heard here for the first time on his main instrument. In a previous appearance here, working briefly with the Ira Kriss Trio, playing flute only, he had to adapt his playing to conform to that group's particular creative concept. Povel doesn´t have good memories of this first visit in Berlin: Both his Muramatsu-C-flute and his Armstrong-alto-flute were stolen just after that last performance (a loss of about 5000 Marks).    Horst Westphal


Blue Note calendar 2000: Carmell at Horace Silver´s 'Song For My Father' session
October 26, 1964, Englewood Cliffs/NJ. photo by Francis Wolff. © 1999 Mosaic Images
for the plain b/w photo please see Carmell´s
photo page


This full-page ad is from the September 13, 1962 issue of Down Beat Magazine.

THANKS TO  Mr. Larry Brown Jr. for providing the material !

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