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  with Charles Matthews in Kansas City, 1960. photos © William Claxton  

cover of the 1961 album
'The Remarkable Carmell Jones'
at the recording session for
the same album
Carmell in 1961 from the gatefold-cover of Nathan Davis´
'The Hip Walk'

during a rehearsal for Horace Silver´s 'Song For My Father'. right picture: Joe Henderson, Carmell and Teddy Smith,
October 26, 1964 at the Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs/New Jersey. photos by Francis Wolff © 1999 Mosaic Images
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from Jazz Podium issue October `65
photo © Hans Harzheim

from the backcover of Annie Ross-Pony Poindexter´s 1966 album 'At The Tenth
German Jazz Festival Frankfurt'.
from Jazz Podium issue February `69
photo © Hans Harzheim.
Carmell on the bandstand of 'Badewanne' at a Tuesday night jam session with pianist Helmut Henesch and guitarist Johannes
Rediske (turning to adjust his amplifier).
Carmell on flugelhorn, at the Jazzgalerie
in Berlin, January 18, 1971.
photo © Frank Roland-Beeneken

Milo Pavlovic and Carmell at a SFB-big band performance in 1973.  

  Carmell in late 1979.
photo © Wolfgang Frankenstein
At ‘The Signboard Lounge’, a restaurant and club at Crown Center Plaza
in Kansas City/Missouri, in August 1980. right: Carmell with Herman Bell.
photos © Larry Brown

  Carmell & Larry Brown Jr. in August 1980,
in front of Tottle Musical Instrument Repair & Mouthpieces, Boston/MA. photo © Larry Brown
Carmell (with hat) & Lou Blackburn´s group Mombasa, probably in 1980. from the cover of Carmell Jones Returns, 1982. photo © Ron Franklin

  "Mr. Music's" last publicity-photos, taken sometime in the 1990's.

THANK YOU, LARRY for providing the photos !
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